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Conscious Connected Breathwork

Weronka Sacha.


Tune into the wave of the breath

and let it safely guide you through your inner landscapes.


A profound self-healing practice based upon an open, full and relaxed breath that cultivates vital balance and higher states of consciousness. Cleanses the emotional and physical body of accumulated stress, toxins and stuck emotions and opens the gate to deep spiritual connection. The mind is bypassed and all the traumas stored in the body are released somatically.


In this ceremonial hands-on facilitated journey into the breath, I use various healing modalities and shamanic tools to bring you back to the present moment and help you move through any stagnated energy. We also use the movement of the body and the power of our voice to fully express and liberate ourselves.


High frequency music, the power of prayer and energy work during the session support the profound resolution for each and every participant.


All is welcome here,






Weronka Sacha. Trained breathwork facilitator, yoga teacher, energy worker and ancient Thai massage practitioner, working extensively with Amazonian medicine (years of plant dietas with Tobacco as a master plant) and Andean traditions (Quero teachings and rituals). For  6 years she has lived and worked mainly in Sacred Valley of Inca, Peru.


10 July 2020