08 June 2022

Marta Mróz-Goncalveš.


I invite you to a workshop during which we will meet three Afro-Brazilian goddesses. Yemanja is the sea goddess, Oxum the freshwater goddess, and Inasã the storm goddess. They will accompany us, bringing us a variety of rhythms and showing us their fickle and strong nature. They will inspire us to explore our own movement, look for what gives us pleasure and look at what we do not feel comfortable in.

Being surrounded by these goddesses and constantly in motion, we will experience qualities such as giving, taking, listening to our instincts, setting limits, and being, or floating.


Throughout the workshop, we will learn about the center of our body, we will rock, sway, shake, rotate our hips, pay attention to the lumbar, sacrum, and pelvis to check what force comes from their movement, and this is an enormous force.


"Dancing with Afro-Brazilian goddesses" will bring you what you need for the moment. Maybe relief, maybe rest, maybe stimulation or release. Moving with the goddesses will surely lead you to find a sincere, natural, instinctive movement.





Marta Mróz-Goncalveš. For 21 years I have been meeting women on the dance floor, dancing the samba, and accompanying them in the development of body awareness. Thanks to this experience, work as a doula, and personal practice, I support women in their search for natural movement, sensuality, and inner strength flowing from the body. I focus my attention on the center of the female body, pelvis, hips, and sacrum, believing that it gives a force that connects a woman with her instincts, and gives her balance and the courage to go beyond the schemas. I work to create an atmosphere of trust and lightness around it so that you can easily dive into yourself and enjoy your body and movement.

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