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Maestro Inkanima (Shipibo, Peru)


The Shipibo Tradition Ceremonies are a deep kind of alternative healing work with sacred healing plants from the Peruvian Amazon. These Masterplants enable you to work on a deeper level of consciousness to heal your inner wounds from the past. The plants will clean you on a energetical and physical level. The process is also a powerful process to clear, release and transform old patterns and blockages. Through the integration of the teachings and the wisdom of the plants, this can be the starting point to change your life and live it in the full potential. Insightful teachings from the Masterplants themselves for spiritual and personal development.


Ceremony lasts few hours during the night during which Maestro with the assistants will sing Icaros – Medicine songs with special vibrations. Traditionally their aim is to harmonize the energy of the Medicine and participants. You will be guided in a safe space by Metsa Yaka and  Sanken Tsoma, both initiated into the Inkanima - lineage by the Shipibo Maestro Inkanima. They are guided, supported and protected from the spiritual world by his grandparents Inkanima the Great and Metsa Wesna the Great, who are both Morayas (highest healer degree in this tradition and enlightened masters). That way participants can receive a lot of blessings, healings, teachings, gifts, purifying massages and protection.



It is advisable to stop eating meat and drinking alcoholic beverages to 3 days before the retreat and the day of the ceremony eat light things until 2pm. Avoid sexual intercourse at least 3 days before the retreat. DO NOT CONSUME ANY TYPE OF DRUG, HARD DRUG OR MANUFACTURING SUBSTANCE 3 DAYS BEFORE (INCLUDING MARIHUANA) AS WELL AS ANY OTHER TRADITIONAL OR MODERN MEDICINE, DRUG, OR ENERGETIC SUBSTANCES. THOSE CAN CROSS WITH AYAHUASCA AND PRODUCE CONFUSION, OR SIMPLY YOU SHALL NOT FEEL ANYTHING IN THE ABSOLUTE.



Having comfortable clothing that prevents cold, and a mat, sleeping bag or anything to sit and feel more comfortable, the night is long (note: the sleeping bag is NOT to fall asleep. It is a spiritual and sacred work, and requires respect of being attentive and working in spirit).



It is recommended to maintain a healthy diet, vegetable-based and low in fat, without salt or sugar, no alcohol or drugs and abstain from sexual intercourse for at least the next three days at the time of intake. The plants continue to work and so the spiritual opening continues and the messages can continue arriving days or weeks later, so it is suggested to keep in touch with Jose and helpers and take it easy.


We will hold one Ceremony - 10th of August 2018.

Number of spaces from 20 to 30 people.



Accommodation for the night in the Maloca, breakfast and one day Festival program is included in the price. Pre-reservation necessary with a pre-payment of 70 Euro (payment details in Prices). In the reference please provide the name and the date of the ceremony, your full name and email address to contact.


Email Contact: zielonekregi@gmail.com





Maestro Inkanima. An experienced and powerful healer from the Shipibo-Conibo tribe from Peru. He is young, 30 years old, but he was gifted with great power after his grandfater and grandmother who were powerful Moraya (the highest healer rank in this tradition). When they died, they gave all their powers to their grandson. At present, Inkanima occupies the highest place in the hierarchy of healers of his line.




17 May 2018