04 July 2022

Wiktoria Mirosław and Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski.


“What if I fall?

- What if you fly? "

Erin Hanson


The art of flying is a workshop inspired by a meeting in love on a common path. We will discover how you can contact yourself by trusting another person. We will try to recognize what is really stopping us from spreading our wings and give ourselves a chance to rise above our deepest beliefs about ourselves. For that to happen, we need circumstances that allow us to hear a voice muffled by the rationalizing part of the mind. The body will be the gate that will allow us to meet him.


Elements of an acro yogi, theater, and awareness techniques, are woven so that everyone can take part in them, regardless of predisposition.


Beautiful, flowing workshops are full of love that make a profound change.


Hosted by: earth and fire, Wiktoria, and Krzysztof





Wiktoria Mirosław. Daily acrobatics and aerial gymnastics trainer for children and adults. In professional practice, she finds her mission. She wants to convey to her pupils that the improvement of gymnastic elements is only a pretext to go out to meet with oneself. She encourages you to search deeper layers, to sharpen your senses to what appears. Working with and through the body has always been a kind of meditation for her, a space where you can immerse yourself in order to hear your inner voice. She is fascinated by healing by releasing blocked emotions in the body, searching a thread to a ball that may represent a given disease or condition, and developing awareness of even the softest message flowing from the body. She loves to watch body language ahead of verbal communication. He travels through life in awe.


Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski. Social innovator, drama pedagogical practices. Coach of creativity - Odyssey of the Mind, a dancer in Tri-City Dance Corporation, graduate and associate with Centre for Theatre Practices "Gardzienice", actor in ritualistic theater Stella Polaris - Norway. Linked to the Sangha Zen Kwan Um - Korean Buddhism. Pleasant, smiling man.


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