17 maja 2019

Shonqu Yuya.


Tłumaczenie na język polski wkrótce.


4 door ceremony, each door invoques one direction and one element, which guides the ritual with different tools, as ancestral music instruments, chants and ceremonial geometries from different traditions.





Shonqu Yuya. Is a colective of art, music & healing dedicated to the creation of spaces for the transformation and reconnection of the spirit. Having our fundaments rooted mostly on the Red Road indigenous tradition, we use different tools as medicine music, plant medicine, therapies, artistic expresion, ceremonies and conscious events that aim to hold space for the awakening of the heart essence. We have participated in gatherings and movements like Consejo de Visiones, Ser Agua, Boom Festival, Ometeotl, Cosmic Convergence, Tajin, Voodohop - collective and many Sun Dances, Moon Dances and Vision Quests in different parts. Our team:


Catarina Soares. (Portugal & Brasil) sundancer, allopathic doctor, herbalist, therapist, doula, activist, event producer.


Irving Alvirde. (Mexico): sundancer, sweatlodge-guide, meditation in movement - guide, therapist.


Camilo Bockman. (Mexico): sundancer, violinist & composer in "Umi Sama", sweatlodge-guide.


Hannah Ayako Sulamith. (Germany): sundancer, therapist, singer&composer in Umi Sama, sweatlodge-guide.


Stella Ismene. (Germany): therapist, visual artist, sound-performer as "Meru"  www.stellaismene.com

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