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Shamanic Festival of Consciousness Growth

 6-15 August 2024

Let's celebrate life together!


For this purpose, we create Our Congregation – GREEN CIRCLES.

For Us, For You and for Our and Your Children.

W sierpniu tego roku odbędzie się kolejna, IV edycja Festiwalu ZIELONE KRĘGI - Szamańskiego Festiwalu Uzdrawiania.

Women and Men of Knowledge from Andes, Amazonia, Mexico and Gwatemala return again. They will be sharing their ancient knowledge, lead healing Ceremonies of Medicine and invite us to participate in Sacred Rituals.

People of Passion, our Friends, will also share their knowledge, skills and talents. They will invite to an adventure with Dance and Music. They will help us befriend our Bodies, Voices and Spirits. Tell about Trees, Flowers, Weeds and our relationships with each of them. 


And you will never feel disconnected anymore.

YOU will come as well. You will welcome friends, sit by the fire, join the singing, mutual fun and work. Together we will dive into a Magical Journey, we will experience the Unexpected.

Drums of the Fathers call us.

Drums of the Fathers give us the rhythm.

A song is being born in my heart.

My blood awakes to dance inside of my veins.

Mother Earth embraces me.

Father from the Sky is sending his love to me.


We are Friends.

We have been travelling on the Paths of Growth for many years.


Sometimes they are convergent, sometimes they cross or split for a moment.

Nonetheless our purpose is always the same – widening Own Concsciousness. Opening up for the Consciousness of the Planet, Consciousness of the Universe, Consciousness of the Spirit, but also for the needs and dreams of All of Us. We desire to experience Beauty, Peace, Love, Harmony, Creative Passion and Magic of the World that we live in.

We want to share that purposue with You.


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Mariola Floreska

Marek Apollo


Dołączcie do Naszej Rodziny.


Mariola Floreska

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