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Wiktoria Mirosław and Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski. “What if I fall? - What if you fly? " Erin Hanson The art of flying is a workshop inspired by a meeting in
Vanesa Alexandra Salazar Silvestre. During the Workshops with Vanesa, we touch on therapeutic and developmental work with the body through movement and music - both on the physical and emotional
Wojciech Mucha. For millennia, the knowledge of Taoist masters was reserved for the chosen ones - mainly the Emperor of China and his closest entourage, who through these practices were
Izabela Nurkowska. The fluidity and grace of a student from the Shaolin Monastery. It is with Iza that we will delve into Flow Arts - when one movement enters the
Paz Shanti. From the heart radiating love We open our channel of sacred voice that we all carry to release our breath. By guided breathing and finding attunement in resonance
Tavo Vazquez. During the workshop, Tavo will teach us how to make traditional Bolivian and Peruvian flutes - Quena and Siku. Everyone will be able to make their own flute
Marta Mróz-Goncalveš. I invite you to a workshop during which we will meet three Afro-Brazilian goddesses. Yemanja is the sea goddess, Oxum the freshwater goddess, and Inasã the storm goddess.
SzurSure Performative Group. Come let yourself be and experience the pleasure. Connect with yourself and the reality around you, feel your needs and desires, explore joint action or accept distance.
Coral Rojo. Sublime music, melancholic, full of harmony sounds that sink deep into the heart and at the same time lift us high. Male polyphonic singing is devoted to the
Pedro Collares. A moment to get together and sing songs from different traditions, indian mantras, rainbow songs, indigenous songs from the amazon. Chant is a very powerful tool to access


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