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19 July 2018
Monika Grzegorczyk   "Come in, please" - Workshops. I share with You my experience about opening up on subtlety and clairvoyance, to use and perfect that power. We combine an honest
18 July 2018
Agata Żukiewicz   The mask is an extraordinary, very personal object, especially designed and created by yourself. It has been used by shamans since the dawn of time. Now it is
24 May 2018
Kuba Babicki   Kuba will held a lecture about Psychedelic Substances in the light of contemporary research on their influence on neurological and neurohormonal system of the human body.         Jakub Babicki.
24 May 2018
Alina Jurczyszyn   Some say that singing is the voice of the soul. Far in the north, there lives a tribe, that makes a retreat into wilderness to find their song
24 May 2018
Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski   It is your life! Inner Freedom Workshop is an attempt to abandon the fear that something might go wrong, that something may end in failure. This is
17 May 2018
Gudrun Völk/ Mimi, (Austria)   Rhythm games with Mimi from all over the world. Simple gossip games, various natural materials and simple rhythm instruments, playing, singing and dancing all over the
23 April 2018
Mariana Root (Portugal)   The nature of the human being is expressed through a constant movement that accompanies the soul. A unique and genuine expression that in a primary state, is


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