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Wiktoria Mirosław and Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski. Many of us carry a dream of great love in our hearts. The desire to meet a being to whom you can open completely
Luis Paniagua. It is said that "He who sings banishes his fears. "Singing strengthens the capacity of our lungs, oxygenates the blood, and helps to feel the sonorous vibrations of
Michał Mejran. I invite you to the workshop. We will be working with the body and emotions in a male circle inspired by A. Lowen's methods, psychodrama, and work with
Molly and Daniel. Imagine being able to enter one of your dreams... You have time to calmly look around, and experience emotions consciously... Enter the process of activating the imagination
Patryk Kozaczuk. We will start the workshop with an opening circle. The workshop's first part will consist of self-massage of energy points on the body. Each participant will massage their
Roxana Campos Araya - Nur Jaham. We become aware that just as everything gets dirty in the physical plane, in the immaterial plane also happens the same, then it is
Roxana Campos Araya - Nur Jaham. The spinning of the dervishes is the dance of Unity. It's a total experience. During spinning, the extremes touch each other. Spinning is both
Krzysztof Fabijański During the workshop you will feel what safe touch is, you will discover the pleasure of feeling another Being and you will experience the lightness of being taken
Vanesa Alexandra Salazar Silvestre. During the Workshops with Vanesa, we touch on therapeutic and developmental work with the body through movement and music - both on the physical and emotional
Marta Mróz-Goncalveš. I invite you to a movement workshop that will help you feel even more comfortable in your body. Awareness of the center of the body (pelvis-hips-sacral) and its
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