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Ana Pomar and Kike Luna. Understanding the importance of the ancient ritual of Offerenda, a practice common to all ancient cultures, and guided by the sincere desire from our hearts
Letizia Xiuh. It is one of the oldest existing Ceremonies. Practiced by the Lakota Indians of North America. It takes place in the sacred womb of the Earth, where we
Tomás Adriano Perez. The Inipi (sweat lodge) ceremony comes from the Native American tradition. It is one of the seven sacred rites for the Lakota people, with its roots dating
Tomás Adriano Perez. The Four Tobacco Ceremony comes from the Native American tradition. Tribes from North America have been sitting in those circles for hundreds of years to pray, heal,
Tomás Adriano Perez. The ceremony with the Amazonian medicine of Yopo will be guided in the tradition of the Piaroa tribe from Venezuela, in the line of Grandfather Bolivar, a
Loli Cosmica. A cacao ceremony is a ceremonial gathering during which cacao is consumed, which is a liquid, pure and strong form of chocolate. Cacao has been prized by indigenous
Molly and Daniel. We already know that the moment of our birth shapes our entire human experience. That a conscious return to that moment gives us a chance to relive
Roxana Campos Araya - Nur Jaham. A ritual used by our ancestors as a way of thanking, asking for permission, or getting Mother Earth's support in performing some activity or
Roxana Campos Araya - Nur Jaham. The World Peace Dances originated in the late 1960s by Samuel Lewis (Murshid SAM), a San Francisco Sufi and Zen teacher, and has since
Siti Naturaleza. Welcome to our home, in a familiar circle. I will invite you first ambient Sound Journey - an inner journey led by many sounds, coming from the elements
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