Teren Ośrodka


The Festival takes place at the site of Spiritual and Creative Lifestyles Centre – Green Circles in Kożyczkowo. 

It is a small village located in the North of Poland in the Kaszubian Landscape Park. The Centre is based on the edge, and so it is surrounded by fields, forests and lakes.

The site is divided into two areas:

Centre's Site

Main Building, Eagle room, Deer room, Hot showers.

Festival Village

Maloca, Otorongo, Akasha, Turtle Zone - House of Joy, Sweat Lodges, Main Campfire, Creation Zone,

Kitchen, Dining Space, Camping, Sanitary Zone.


Administration, Organisation and Festival Guests Accommodation Centre. Deer room and Hot showers are located here as well.


Located in the Main Building. Lectures, Movies and Meetings with interesting people take place here. Protection space to use in case

of storms.


Meditation – workshop space designed for activities requiring peace, isolation from the group and good acoustics.

MALOCA - Heart

Gathering space for the whole community. The concerts and main ceremonies take place here. Main fire burns inside, started on the

first day of the Festival. The next day program and workshop lists

are on the board outside.


Space for expressing and powering up your energy. In Otorongo

we dance, work with our bodies and voices, sing and play drumms.

In the evenings you can spend time here by the fire sharing the

music, songs or Rapee.

AKASHA - Spirit

Space destined for meetings with Higher Energies. Meditation,

music and instrumental workshops and small ceremonies take

place here. Inside is peace and silence helpful in transfering into

higher levels of conciousness.


Children's place of residence and spending time creatively. When parents take part in morning workshops, their loved ones are taken care of. We want to connect the activities to the idea of freely expressing yourself, developing skills to cope in field/nature based conditions and establishing positive relations with Nature.


Vegetarian and Vegan meals are being prepared here. Plates and cutlery can be borrowed (self cleaning necessary). Free hot water for making tea available for all the participants. Food vouchers available on site. Prices are listed in Prices tab.


Covered space equipped with wooden tables and seats. Surrounded by bushes and burch-trees which greatly affects the appetite and encourages to spend your time with friends here.


Two Sweat Lodges - Big and Small. Spaces of Purification and Rebirth. Mother Earth's Altar - Turtle is located in front of Sweat Lodges. Sweat Lodge Ceremonies are included in the Green Circle' s program and everyone can join them.


Extends around the main circle forming the center of the Community. It is equipped in toilets and cold showers. Parking space is located behind the Festival entrance on the right side. Price for camping field and parking is included in the ticket's price. Possibility to use showers with hot water in the main building

(paid extra 1.5 Euro).


Space for everyone willing to share their passions, products and skills. In this space you can set up your tent, table or cloth. And

offer massages, drinks, meals, handicraft, instruments, clothing

etc. The offer and conditions need to be established with the Organisers of the Festival.

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