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Paz Shanti. I am honoring the ancient tradition of the indigenous peoples and I offer you music that comes from the bottom of my heart and is the instrument of
Paulina Violina and Katarina Bailova. This concert is a medicine song project created by two wonderful women of power. Each of us is different. Special. Flowery in its colors and
Juan Pablo Evajuanoy. Juan Pablo will take us with his voice to the lands of Putumayo and the Amazon, blessed by rain and sun. In his music, we will hear
Ima Nazca. Ima Nazca is a project born out of the need of the heart, drawing on various traditions around the world. An enormous exploration of sound medicine. Traveling across
ÎANÄWA (Aiyana and Uttama). This concert is a musical project that combines songs of medicine and prayers from all over the world in a colorful journey through the sounds. This
Alina Jurczyszyn. I sing for you from what is alive in me... what is alive in the space in which we both are... what is alive for the world we
Coral Rojo. Sublime music, melancholic, full of harmony sounds that sink deep into the heart and at the same time lift us high. Male polyphonic singing is devoted to the
Juanita Peña, Filip Ziółkowski. Vibraciones de Amor are healing sounds that bring love. In this special time of global transformation, we want to share with you the message of universal
A wandering storyteller Aishi Ma. People have always flocked to listen to fairy tales. They sat by the fire listening to the words they were moved to other worlds. The
Pedro Collares. We invite you to close your eyes and dive within on a journey carried by exotic sounds and chants from around the world. The participants can be sited


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