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Paz Shanti. I am honoring the ancient tradition of the indigenous peoples and I offer you music that comes from the bottom of my heart and is the instrument of
Juan Pablo Evajuanoy. Juan Pablo will take us with his voice to the lands of Putumayo and the Amazon, blessed by rain and sun. In his music, we will hear
Alina Jurczyszyn. I sing for you from what is alive in me... what is alive in the space in which we both are... what is alive for the world we
A wandering storyteller Aishi Ma. People have always flocked to listen to fairy tales. They sat by the fire listening to the words they were moved to other worlds. The
Pedro Collares. We invite you to close your eyes and dive within on a journey carried by exotic sounds and chants from around the world. The participants can be sited
A storyteller from beneath the Castle (Bajarz spod Zamku). "To be fully present in the action of what brings joy," said the awareness. "Doing this until the end of your
Aram, Anna. During this meeting, we want to connect with you in singing and music, to touch the Heart and Soul. To move what is deeply hidden inside us. To
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