08 lipca 2019

Tavo Vasquez and Cesar Alcedo


Tłumaczenie wkrótce.


On this workshop “Winds of the Andes”, Tavo and Cesar will offer the teaching of the traditional Flutes from the Bolivia and Peru. They will instruct in primarily quena and Siku pan-flutes. There will be flutes to borrow or buy.


You will here learn about the cosmovision of the Andes - its importance to Sikuri culture. You will learn the principal rhythms and most importantly, you will learn how to play a piece of Sikuri music in the way it is traditionally played, together with a group in a circle, dancing. This is a beautiful dance and song of prayer, for humanity and for the Earth, celebrating that we are all related. A wonderful opportunity to learn a colourful and ancient musical tradition from two inspirational and virtuosic masters of Andean musical culture!


Tavo and Cesar are currently engaged with the popular music group CURAWAKA, who released their first full-length Call of the Wild on Nixi Music in 2018. They will be touring all through Europe in the summer of 2019, and will play an open air concert at Gathering of the Tribes.





Tavo Vasquez. Is a musician and musical craftsman from Buenos Aires, Argentina. He has worked with music his whole life and has countless merits to show to in his 38 years. He is a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for south-american folk music. Ever since he bought his first charango, travelled to Bolivia and Peru and discovered the ancient sounds of the indigenous cultures living on the “Altiplano” the high planes of the Andes mountains, he fell in love with its pure heart, its beautiful soaring tones and its exquisite, timeless rhythms. He spent several years studying under the Master flute player Rafael Giménez, living in his house in the mountains, learning the art of crafting his own flutes.


Cesar Alcedo. Born in Lima, Peru is a multi-talented Peruvian artist. He is currently concentrated in the Hatun Charango and adapting to it, and making known original Sikuri Music Styles, from the Aymara people region (the Andean highland surrounding the Titicaca Lake, between Peru and Bolivia). He is considered by the connoisseurs to have a personal style and technique and to reflect the original spirit of the interpreted melodies. Cesar is well known for creating musical designs based on the Andean semiotics.




Winds of the Andes
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