26 July 2023

Wiktoria Mirosław and Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski.


Many of us carry a dream of great love in our hearts. The desire to meet a being to whom you can open completely and reciprocally. Sometimes we live our lives without being so lucky. Because we didn't dare. Because we weren't really together. Because the imagination did not allow us to recognize her.

During the workshop, we will create safe conditions to explore what qualities have attracted us to each other and what we are really looking for in each other. We will have the opportunity to experience the expectations of the other side. Mindfulness of the body's reactions will be our most sensitive compass to navigate the lands of giving and receiving, setting boundaries, touching moments of imbalance, and seeking compromises.


We will pay special attention to communication. We will look at how we speak and what makes us not always heard. We will recognize our love language, i.e. how we express different feelings - not only verbally. Thanks to these tools, it will be easier for us to sail in a common boat among waves, storms and sun.

During the workshop, there will be elements of acroyoga, theater, and awareness techniques, woven in such a way that everyone can take part in them, regardless of predisposition. Beautiful, flowing workshops dedicated to couples and more.





Wiktoria Mirosław. For many years, a trainer of acrobatics and aerial gymnastics for children and adults. He wants to convey to his charges that perfecting gymnastic elements is primarily one of the ways to contact the inner voice. Openness to taking up challenges is more useful in life than the technical ability to somersault, and what might seem like a failure can teach us more than "success". It encourages you to practice mindfulness not only during classes. She is fascinated by healing by releasing blocked emotions in the body. She loves to watch body language overtake the verbal message. “My biggest inspiration is my family. It's a mirror that allows me to look at things from previously unimaginable points of view. The fruit of our love are workshops that bring the wisdom of looking at each other with care and holding hands, especially in difficult moments. I am happy to share this light."


Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski.  I am honored to go hand in hand with the greatest Woman that could ever be met in all the worlds. Wonderful, unique, wise, caring, smiling, delightfully beautiful, the love of my life. Victoria Miroslaw. This is one of my greatest achievements and proof of my competence to conduct these workshops.


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