16 July 2023

Molly and Daniel.


Imagine being able to enter one of your dreams...

You have time to calmly look around, and experience emotions consciously...

Enter the process of activating the imagination with sound. Lie down, breathe, sleep...


You are invited to dream together, suspended between worlds. To undergo the process of not thinking and following the visions and emotions that arise.


In the safe space of a closed circle, we will begin our journey with the practice of keeping a dream diary, choosing the dream we will enter through the active imagination technique and the sound of the instrument used to induce trance-like states - kalimba.


Practical information: The sleep will last about 1.5 hours.

Please dress comfortably and bring a pen and paper or a notebook.




Daniel. A musician from Poland, deeply connected with percussion instruments and rhythm. He graduated religious studies, after which his spiritual and musical development began to merge into one path. He traveled to the East many times, gaining theoretical and practical knowledge on how to record emotions in instrumental music and improvise on them. His fascination moved to practice listening skills. and actively discovering music as a language of communication and consciously connecting with people and their emotions. For over 10 years, Daniel has been gathering experience; in men's circles, ceremonies, traveling, and consciously sharing their gifts. Fascinated by the potential of psychedelics as a therapeutic tool, consciously using psychedelic states in his creative explorations, Daniel found his calling - the alchemical process of transforming emotions into sound.


Molly. An artist, psychologist, dreamer, and underwater dancer living in the Sinai Mountains,

the Red Sea. She graduated in fine arts from the University of Brighton in England, where she studied natural processes occurring in nature as a mirror of the human condition. By creating process-based artistic rituals and performances, he explores possibilities and techniques for releasing emotions and memories. After spending three years in India researching practices. After completing her MA in Jungian Depth Psychology, Molly's therapeutic work focused on rituals and the Active Imagination technique aided by psychedelics and rebirthing experiences. Molly combines her passions (working with dreams, myths, writing, somatic experiences, and breathing) to create opportunities to explore the depths of the human being.

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