21 June 2022

Kayatibu Group.


On August 6, 2023, at 10 pm after the concert.


Medicine NIXI PAE (grandmother - Vine - tea) is a traditional infusion used by some tribes from the northwestern Amazon.


For the primal tribes, this plant is a sacred spiritual medicine that has the power to show us the truth about our existence. Provides strong cleansing on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. It helps to see and perceive life from a new perspective. It restores contact with our emotions, thanks to which we can experience our relationships more authentically with ourselves and with others.


Traditionally, Huni Kuin ceremonies are attended by the entire community or family. This means that these ceremonies are often very numerous - up to 50 people.


The ceremony starts around 23:00 and ends at sunrise around 6-7 am. The ceremony will include Nixi Pae (grandmother - Vine - tea), Rapé - tobacco, and Sanaga eye drops.


The tea is served three times. After the first application, the Kayatibu group will share their songs. It's time to sit still and focus on your work and healing. After the second application, we are invited to open ourselves to the music and songs of Huni Kuin, use the rattles, and join the ceremony with our own song or dance. There is very strong energy in this part of the Ceremony. The third application is integration and opening up to the Family by sharing songs. In the Brazilian tradition, the Ceremony is encouraged to last as long as possible.


The "SSRI" antidepressants do not have a good relationship with medicine. Individuals on medications MUST inform us about the kind of medications they are on and their dosages.


The ceremony can be attended by both people who are part of the Green Circles Festival and people who will come only for this one night. You should bring comfortable, loose clothes, a sleeping bag, a mat and, if necessary, a pillow for lying down.


The price of the ceremony is PLN 900 (190 €). In order to reserve a place, it is necessary to make an advance payment of PLN 400 to the account specified in the Price List. Detailed information about the ceremony in the e-mail and telephone contact: +48660664754. Mariola Floreska.





Kayatibu Group from Jordao, Akr - Brazil. The Kayatibu Group was formed by several young indigenous people of Huni Kuin. In 2013, they moved from Aldeias, a village deep in the jungle, to the commune of Jordao, a small community in the heart of Akka. They intended to learn Portuguese, study, and get an education in order to be able to successfully fight for the rights of the natives. Defend yourself against those who invade their lands, cut down trees, and kill their people. In Jordao, they first encountered Ceremonies, musical instruments, and songs of medicine - the prayers of their ancestors. Currently, they give this music to the children who live there. They make sure that they have a chance to get to know their culture and keep it alive. As they travel through Europe, Kayatibu members intend to share their prayers, Nixi Pae ceremonies, songs and dances, and tribal body art.

amazonian jungle medicine - NIXI PAE
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