22 June 2023

Roxana Campos Araya - Nur Jaham.


We become aware that just as everything gets dirty in the physical plane, in the immaterial plane also happens the same, then it is there when the sahumerio or the act of sahumar becomes necessary to balance, transform, transmute…


What is a sahumerio, for what and why is it done, what is it good for, who can do it, and how can I do it in a simple way that does not involve taking a course...





Roxana Campos Araya - Nur Jaham. An actress, Activist for Peace and Women's Circle, Grandmother of the Moon Dance (9 years old), Sahumadora, Keeper of Fire, initiated in several lineages, Healer and Spiritual Midwife. Ceremonies and Rites of Passage Guide, World Peace Dances Leader and Mentor, and Sufi Teacher. She comes from Chile.





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