16 July 2020

Jagoda Rzepka.


Slavic dolls of intuition - the beauty of motankas.


Motanki is magic for me, the heroine of which is myself. These are the spells that appear before my eyes, this is the intuition in my hand. There is no more profound process of fusion with my inner wisdom for me than letting the motance arise through my hands. It is a materialized beauty that I want to share with you.


In case you don't know yet, motanki are Slavic power dolls that were mainly made in Belarus, Ukraine and Russia. They have a long tradition and a great culture from which they grew and started to create themselves. There are many types of dolls, each with a different task, serving women, their marriages, households, health and beauty. Motanki are reeled, i.e. they are made without the use of sharp tools, and by braiding fabrics, strings, lace, ribbons, preferably personal ones. We implore, fill with herbs, weave long hair, count knots. Everything matters here and even though nothing is planned, every element has its place.


We will mostly feel.I will take care of the materials, but it is also important that you bring your personal scraps of fabrics, old clothes, bed sheets, strings, beads - anything you will love.


It is by tradition, and as it is easy to feel - a doll made of her own things is especially powerful. ;) 


I'm waiting for you.




Jagoda Rzepka. A therapist for exceptional children by profession, a special educator, a craftsman by love, an author of columns, dragons, in the process of being certified as an art therapist. A lover of sitting with busy hands, braiding, reeling, knoting and also solving. The unbelieving power to create and heal the follower. Favorite process - watching and learning from it.Living in admiration for the world and her own being. Forest woman. In her free time, she questions, asks, searches, and was passionate about being an ordinary person.


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