05 June 2022

SzurSure Performative Group.


Come let yourself be and experience the pleasure. Connect with yourself and the reality around you, feel your needs and desires, explore joint action or accept distance. Listen to yourself and share what you feel through movement, dance, and voice. The theme of the workshop will be an improvised performance with the use of one's own body as a communication tool. We will work through intuitive movement, working with a partner, working with the body, mindfulness, and meditation. And finally, a session of relaxing bodysuits awaits us. We invite you to the second edition of the Seeking Body :) Let yourself be happy in motion!





SzurSure Performative Group. The SzurSure Perfomatywna Group brings together enthusiasts of movement, improvisation, and group creation. “We believe that the connection between the outside and the inner world creates our surroundings. The space around us influences our bodies and creates a new reality. " We have 2 main areas of activity:


  • Artistic-performative: we make site-specific performances in public spaces. We believe that the connection between the inner and outer world creates our surroundings - the space around us influences our bodies and creates stories.
  • Workshop: we run movement workshops related to the subject of body awareness, connection with each other, and the world around us. The workshops are based on techniques and trends in working with the body such as movement improvisation, contact improvisation, intuitive dance and authentic movement, bodywork (intuitive massage), meditation, contemporary dance, butoh dance, etc.


Photograph: Andriej Szypiłow  


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