18 June 2023

Irving Verazaluce.


6,7,8,9,10,11th August 2023.


The substance, made by Bufo Alvarius, a toad that lives in the Sonoran Desert of Mexico, provides a quick path to experiencing unity and absolute identification with Universal Consciousness. Bufo Alvarius toads are only caught to obtain a substance that is extracted from their glands. The toads are then released back into nature.


Over the years, Irving has had a strong relationship with the Comcaac people, collecting and extracting the medicine himself in the desert and sharing it in a responsible and respectful manner.


A few days before the procedure, it is advisable to follow a light diet - avoid fried, spicy or difficult to process foods. In addition, alcohol, drugs and sexual activities should be avoided. All of these tips are optional, but they can help you get a much deeper experience and benefit more from your treatment.

After ingestion by inhalation, the experience lasts about 15 minutes (Earth time), no special preparation is necessary. The afterglow lasts another 30 minutes while the experience is processed. After an hour, a person can behave completely normally. Participants typically rate their experiences as the most powerful spiritual experience they have ever had. The experience is very short but very intense.


It takes place outside of sense perception and you could say that it goes directly to the state of primordial bright light. In a matter of seconds, the personal identity and the individual self are dismantled, and consciousness identifies itself with Universal Consciousness beyond time and space. This state is highly healing, balancing, and integrating on the physical level. It is recommended to stand and touch the ground with your feet. On the mental level, the "new identity" is reassembled and reassembled. Upon returning to reality, many ideas, insights, and insights emerge and await processing. The next 14 days are usually described as a period when life changes in surprising ways and a person experiences many dynamic processes, unexpected events, and synchronicities.


The "SSRI" antidepressants do not have a good relationship with medicine. People taking medications MUST inform us about medications and dosing.


The ceremony can be attended both by people who are part of the Green Circles Festival, as well as people who will come only to it. The price of the ceremony is 650 PLN (130 €). In order to reserve a place, it is necessary to make an advance payment of  200 PLN (45 €) to the account specified in the Price List. You can also sign up on the spot by setting the date of the Ceremony.  Detailed information about the ceremony in the email and telephone contact: +48660664754. Mariola Floreska.





Irving Verazaluce. He lives in Amatlán de Quetzalcoatl, Mexico. Sundancer, Leader of Sweat Lodges, meditation in motion guide, and therapist. She comes from a line of traditional healers. He inherited the art of Temazcalu from his grandmother and great-grandmother - a sweat lodge and traditional healing through sobada (traditional Mexican massage) and herbal medicine. For many years he lived among the Wixaritari (Huichol) and Comcaac (Seri) tribes of the Sonoran Desert in northern Mexico, working and learning their culture, customs, and healing methods. It uses various tools such as medicine music, plant medicine, therapies, artistic expression, ceremonies, and conscious events to create space for awakening the essence of the heart. He is also a sound engineer and DJ, and through sound, music, and movement, he creates spaces where people can connect with each other, with their freedom and power. He participated in meetings and movements such as Consejo de Visiones, Ser Agua, Boom Festival, Ometeotl, Cosmic Convergence, Tajin, Voodohop - collective, and many Sun Dances, Moon Dances, and Vision Quests in different parts of the world.

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