22 June 2023

Siti Naturaleza.


Welcome to our home, in a familiar circle. I will invite you first ambient Sound Journey - an inner journey led by many sounds, coming from the elements of nature and the universe, with different frequencies and vibrations ... each will resonate with an other body part. These sounds will put you into a complete relaxation where healing and connection to your higher consciousness can occur.


Then we will perform the Cocoa Ceremony. This sacred medicine will lead us to feel a deep inner connection with our hearts and soul.


You can experience many different sensations, including visions, emotional changes, the release of blockages, receiving answers to questions, inspiration, feeling connected to your intuition, recalling memories, physical shaking/tingling, deep relaxation, and tranquility


At the conclusion of this Ceremony, I will share live acoustic music, circle singing, and medicine songs to feel mystical unity and warm loving vibes.





Siti Naturaleza. Has started her musical journey guided by wind energy and a deep connection with Mother Nature. She is an intuitive artist from Indonesia who developed her music in Europe. She uses his voice as medicine to heal and raise the vibration on this planet. Siti has collaborated with many artists from around the world. While performing, he tries to tune in to the audience and express genuine emotions in order to bring collective healing.



cacao ceremony
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