16 July 2023

Loli Cosmica.


A cacao ceremony is a ceremonial gathering during which cacao is consumed, which is a liquid, pure and strong form of chocolate. Cacao has been prized by indigenous cultures in Central and South America for centuries for its spiritual, medicinal and ceremonial properties. The ceremony is a sacred space where we place our prayers and intentions at the center to raise our frequency and vibration with sounds, songs and dances. During the Ceremony, Lola will lead a circle of medicine songs so that we can all actively participate in creating this space. Intentions reinforced by the vibration of our voice will gain power to be able to fully realize and become real.


We invite you!!!





Loli Cosmica. A musician, singer, and songwriter sharing heart sounds, medicine songs, mantras, and music from around the world. Born and living in Argentina, she creates music inspired by nature, plants, family, and the cosmic dance of life. She tries to dedicate her time to singing circles, sacred dances, ceremonies, and spaces to heal, nurture, and balance, to collectively raise our vibrations and connect with the sacred that we are.

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