23 June 2022

Evanjuanoy Family.


On August 9, 2023, at 10 pm after the concert.


The Colombian Medicine Ceremony (Grandma) will be held in the indigenous tradition of the Inga people. It will be led by Taita Gabriel and Taita Pablo Evajuanoy from the Yungillo Reserve in Putumayo, Colombia. They will also be accompanied by the son of Taita Gabriel - Juan Pablo Evajuanoy - an extremely talented musician, guitarist, and charangist, who is said to have drunk the talent with the first cup of Medicine.


The Yagé ceremony is the time we devote to our inner work, sitting in a circle and taking medicine. Traditional Ceremonies with Amazonian Power Plants are a way of alternative healing at a very deep subconscious level to remove traumas and wounds from the past. Plants work on both an energetic and a physical level. It is also a powerful process of changing patterns and structures built into us. Integrating the teachings and wisdom of Plants can be the beginning of changing our lives and recalling our full potential. It is a time to celebrate magic, knowledge, and connection with nature.


The main intention is to HEAL the body, mind, and spirit so that you can live consciously on Mother Earth, in harmony with her laws, having the strength to follow your own path. The Taitas will fill the time of the Ceremony with songs of medicine and music.


The ceremony will end with the deep "limpia y harmonizacion" (purification and harmonization) for which the Inga people are famous.


The "SSRI" antidepressants do not have a good relationship with medicine. Individuals on medications MUST inform us about the kind of medications they are on and their dosages.


The ceremony can be attended by both people who are part of the Green Circles Festival and people who will come only for this one night. You should bring comfortable, loose clothes, a sleeping bag, a mat and, if necessary, a pillow for lying down.


The price of the ceremony is PLN 900 (190 €). In order to reserve a place, it is necessary to make an advance payment of PLN 400 to the account specified in the Price List. Detailed information about the ceremony in the e-mail and telephone contact: +48660664754. Mariola Floreska.





Evanjuanoy Family. Has always been associated with Medicine, both on the ceremonial level (3 of the five brothers have the honorable title of Taita) and organizational (all of them perform administrative functions in organizations associating the people of Medicine in the Colombian Amazon ). They come from a family of multigenerational "curanderos" (healers), and their late father was a herbalist and sage known among many neighboring peoples. The medicine of the Evajuanoy family brings with it family, care, and love. It is focused on healing us as humanity - brothers and sisters - and teaching us how to take care of ourselves for each other, for our families, friends, and acquaintances How to live in joy, peace and how to sow this joy and peace in the hearts of our loved ones.





Columbian medicine ceremony
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