19 July 2018

Monika Grzegorczyk

"Come in, please" - Workshops. I share with You my experience about opening up on subtlety and clairvoyance, to use and perfect that power. We combine an honest conversation with exercises and a game of heart-opening. We visualise, draw, sing, dance, free the interior and finaly feel more rather than see. You can discover you spirit animal, receive guides and release from any bagagge. You are a whole - bring it out of yourself!
Length 2.5h




Monika Grzegorczyk.  "I am my own self.  For 8 years I have been working with subtle energy. I use personal abbilities, experience and knowledge (I have a degree in bio-energy therapy, I am a certified prana healer - 3 level, certified Sould Body Fusion healer, practicioner of Huna, spiritual healing, total biology and many more) WHICH SHARES THE TRUTH. Currently I lead GALACTICAL HEALTH PORT in Łódź; I help changing life for the better. I make aura drawings, bio-energy sessions, Tibetan bowl and ethnic sound massages. I give consultations about happy life and work within topics of attentivness, life happiness, habit change, heart space work. I receive a lot of information transcendentally. I also work with animals - read their intentions through subtle contact. I invite you to this mututal journey of recognising love within yourself and practicing it everyday."
More information on  www.galaktycznaprzystan.pl  (+48) 508-566-867.


Communication with the interior
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