30 July 2021

Juanita Peña, Filip Ziółkowski.


Vibraciones de Amor are healing sounds that bring love. In this special time of global transformation, we want to share with you the message of universal love and unity in all countries through our own music.


Our songs are inspired by indigenous Colombian medicine music as well as afro and chillout sounds. It's a kind of music that belongs to a new genre that is sprouting among artists around the world called "Awakening Music" or music that helps to awaken or reminds us of who we are. We express the eclectic mix with songs and sounds that combine depth and joy in conducting workshops, conscious concerts, and traditional rituals.


Vibraciones de Amor, translated as "vibrations of love", is a musical family created by the spouses Filip Ziółkowski (Poland) and Juanita Peña (Colombia) together with invited artists from all over the world. We strive to be sowers of the new consciousness that we have learned and practiced over the past 12 years according to the traditions of the ancestors of Latin American Indians.





Juanita Peña. She is a sound healer, mother, and carrier of the traditions of America's ancestors. Colombian professional singer and dancer. She has dedicated her life to express her vision of the world through songs and art. In recent years, she has been studying the impact of music on human health and well-being from a holistic and ritualistic perspective, composing her own songs with her husband and accompanying women and men in opening up their healing and intuitive voice.


Filip Ziółkowski. He is an explorer and passionate about life, educator, musician, songwriter, and the author of the book "Awakening on the road" published in 3 languages. After three years of traveling the world in search of self-fulfillment, he came to Colombia, where he met Juanita and decided to combine his passion for creating music with spirituality and personal development inspired by the traditions of Asia, America, and Europe.


Website: vibracionesamor.com

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC34dW_oPmhIli-YmCaTlzQw

CONCIERTO SANADOR - Vibraciones de Amor
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