20 June 2022

Paz Shanti.


From the heart radiating love

We open our channel of sacred voice

that we all carry to release our breath.


By guided breathing and finding attunement in resonance with Mother Earth, we will use our body as a sound channel, radiating luminous tones from our essence, thereby balancing our chakras and strengthening our immune system, our Joy and our Will to Live.


We will open our hearts and let go of fears to show our sensitive part, the clear voice of the soul that is a living source of creative fire.


We will create a singing circle, we will share different types of songs: ancient songs, songs from around the world, healing songs, mantras, improvisations and games. We will try musical instruments to find the ones that suit us best. We will practice group singing and harmonizing sounds. We will raise portals of light so that they can radiate love to Earth.





Paz Shanti. Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, music producer, and artist. She was born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina in a family where they all sang polyphonic arrangements together. She traveled with her family and explored the world, studying songs and music from different cultures and countries.

It has the gift of transcendental music - it connects to the Source and becomes a channel through which music and spirit flow together. She loves sharing music and making everyone sing. She believes we are like birds and we know how to sing. It uses ragas, ancient mantras, medicine songs, Lakota and South American Indian songs, songs for Earth, Wind, Water, and Air. She uses many instruments: Hang Drum, Chamanik Drum, Guitar, Shakers, and Cachichi, Double Ceramic Flute, Piano, Ukulele, Oceanic Drum, Kalimba. For 4 years, Paz has been living in Ibiza, where he composes music, conducts Healing Yoga, Women's Circles, and Ceremonies for Water. She also plays and sings at many Medical Assemblies and Ceremonies.




Los Arboles: Bossa Nova


Kirtan in Ibiza:


Facebook: PAZ SHANTI



Connecting with Your Soul's Voice
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