07 July 2019



The voice is a bridge and an experience that takes people on a journey from inside to outside ... and back again. The voice is feeling the vibration in its own present. Experiencing the vibration of your voice may result from being in cognition, flow, acceptance, in multiplicity of connections and vibrations, in harmony. For this, the way into yourself is helpful…. and vocal exercises from different cultures, music styles, voice techniques and circle song. Breathing sessions can also lead to organic voice emission, free intuitive singing. Then when intuition meets science and experience, awareness emerges. Conscious development is surrendering to Creation, the operation of the common field of our potentials.


The intention of this meeting is to harmonize the multiplicity of vibrations in unity through voice.





Bożena Belcarz.  Bożena is a woman who performs life roles, including mothers, partners and music with joy and passion. Initiates and co-creates music projects and artistic events, incl. "Musical Metaphors" and conducts extensive artistic activity as: a vocalist, director of musical performances, workshop and conductor. He willingly shares his knowledge and skills and creates a specific field for experiencing the unity of a musical community in harmony and creation. He conducts vocal workshops to the sounds of a crystal harp and other instruments. The energy of the sounds of both the voice and the instruments allows to raise the beam of the wave, which carries us above what limits us.


Through choral and solo concerts, music projects and vocal workshops, it helps to find the potential of the voice and, above all, to discover the feelings reflected in the voice and transform them. He believes that singing is a need of the spirit and that it is available to everyone. The voice releases what is the essence of life, i.e. flow, change and the power of creation.


Crystal harp. Its sounds bring relaxation to the body, love for the heart and soothe the soul. The beauty of the vibrations of sounds and the way they harmonize with each other is its power that permeates, teaches and transforms.


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