18 June 2023

Danza Colibri.


Danza Colibri's music is like honey: coming from the fertile Colombian land, filled to the brim with the midday sun, crisp like a tropical monsoon, filled with the medicine of the impenetrable Amazon and the towering Andes, the nectar of a flower of this land, carefully collected and transformed into food for the Heart and Spirit. Danza Colibri draws from many cultures: Amazonian, Andean, Caribbean, and Pacific, creating music that penetrates with its deep harmony of Body and Spirit and connects them again. Expect a mixture of exotic rhythms, instruments (charango, bombo, cascabel, etc.), and words evoking God, Family, Love, Nature, and Harmony. We cordially invite you to the concert.





Danza Colibri. A Colombian music duo created by a couple of lifelike Hummingbirds: singer and percussionist Gabriela Sosa and guitarist, multi-instrumentalist, and vocalist Jorge Currea.

Jorge Currea is a guitarist, composer, arranger, and vocalist. He graduated from jazz studies.

Gabriela Sossa is a drummer, composer, and singer interpreting traditional music from Colombia and Latin America. Jorge and Gabriela compose and arrange their repertoire together. They create music and songs full of poetry thanks to their deep musical knowledge and spiritual connection.

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