08 June 2022

Waldemar Borowski and Rafał Wyszyński.


On August 10, 2023 at 10:15 a.m. Duration 3-6 hours.


The day ceremony will involve the integration of the experience of life while walking into the forest and meeting nature. During the process: Meditation, Breathing, and Physical Exercises.


We Slavs also have medicine. AmaŁaska - The toadstool red (Amanita muscaria) is the oldest sacred mushroom. Used for communion with Heaven. Known in the place of Eden already. Queen Amanita, or King Toadstool according to ancient beliefs, was given to us as a remedy for human ailments, from doubt and uncertainty to blind eyes and non-feeling hearts. "It encourages courage, puts you to sleep, straightens your bones, helps with love." ;-) It shows where we are, helps to integrate the place and time we are in to fully enjoy our life, and find ourselves in the circumstances in which we live.


He is here with us to show us how to harmonize with nature - the all-embracing love that is around us and supports us at every step and in every area. It gives a very deep understanding of oneself and the people around us. It will put you to bed, cuddle and take care of you when you are exhausted. For those who are shy, he will let them open their wings and feel the fullness of his breath. He will show those in need where they are and how to act in harmony with their heart and nature. Showing respect, he will show you how to be: flexible as water, light as the wind, and fearless as fire.


The ceremony can be attended by both people who are part of the Green Circles Festival and people who will come only for this one night.


Take with you: a blanket, still water, and juicy, soft, watery fruit such as grapes, peaches, oranges, or watermelon.


The price of the ceremony is PLN 700 (150 €). In order to reserve a place, it is necessary to make an advance payment of PLN 200 to the account specified in the Price List. Detailed information about the ceremony in the e-mail and telephone contact: +48660664754. Mariola Floreska.



In order to sensitize the experiences, it is advisable that participants 3 days before the ceremony or at least 24 hours before: switch to an easily digestible diet full of raw fruit, vegetables, or simple, easily digestible cooked meals, e.g. steamed, without fat, meat, dairy, and heavy fried foods. Sensitization is greatest when you fast on fruit, juice, or water and abstain from solid foods. In particular, it is advisable to exclude before and after the ceremony: alcohol, carbonated drinks, spicy spices, sugar, salt, caffeine, black tea, coffee, and any substances stimulating and changing consciousness, if you are taking any medications, measures, please contact before the ceremony in order to decide whether the person can participate in the ceremony.



Waldemar Borowski. Painter, visionary, artist, graphic artist, an expert in entheogens. Passionate about Vedic astrology, biology, and raw food diet. The author of the book 'Sacred Shroomgod'. He has been working with Amanita since 2012. The ceremonies are accompanied by intentions of insight into the truth, forgiveness, and cleansing the world of suffering.


Rafał Wyszyński. Practitioner of harmony, health, the balance of life, passionate about natural hygiene and nature, musician, rhythmological synchronizer, and fruit eater. In nature, he sees all solutions, answers as well as sources of knowledge that allow a person to be happy, fulfilled, and joyful. Observe nature and imitate it - this is a recipe for a harmonious life. A natural medicine seeker for 21 years, he came across Amanita while searching for the best natural, vegetable source of vitamin D, pure, unprocessed, and naturally protected by sun and forest. He discovered that Amanita, in addition to supporting the processes of body regeneration and spine straightening, also straightens thoughts, opens the heart, allows people to see themselves from a distance, and feel and take responsibility for their lives.

day ceremony - AMANITA
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