18 July 2018

Agata Żukiewicz.


The mask is an extraordinary, very personal object, especially designed and created by yourself. It has been used by shamans since the dawn of time. Now it is an attribute of artists, actors, musicians or simply enthusiasts. Creating a mask and looking at the world through it's eyes is an interesting experience, at the same time it allows you to hide and discover certain aspects of your personality. Using a mask requires some concentration, mindfulness. The creative process leading to its creation is work with spatial imagination, colors and textures. The sculptural technique that I present is a very simple method of creating three-dimensional objects, requiring no experience. Together, we will create frames that will then be covered with fabrics that are not accidental here, the mask will also be our clothing.


Workshops from Friday to Monday from 11:00 to 19:00.

Classes are intended for adults and adolescents, caregivers can create masks with children.





Agata Żukiewicz. Author of the project Baba Yaga's Mask. "I create mask and lead workshops where every participant can make his own mask. I do projects for theatres and privately. For musicians, acrobats, jugglers, cosplayers and generally various enthusiasts. I make mask to order and I also have a set of masks for sale which changes every week. My masks are recognisable for their unique style and use comfort. When they are not worn, they also look great as a wall decoration.

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