09 July 2023

Molly and Daniel.


We already know that the moment of our birth shapes our entire human experience.

That a conscious return to that moment gives us a chance to relive our birth and look at ourselves, our parents, and our emotions from a new perspective; recognizing traumatic experiences and releasing repressed emotions.


We invite you on a journey through your personal birth experiences, with the intention to connect with ancestors, culture, and humanity... providing a powerful opportunity to release traumas buried deep in our collective unconscious. This is where our life work begins, extending healing beyond the scope of the individual to do our work not only for personal benefit but also for humanity and all other beings.

We will hold space for you to consciously experience the four stages of rebirth. A journey from the mother's womb, through the experience of contractions, moving through the birth canal, to your first breath.

A space where each of us, supported by the energy of a collective journey, will enter into a dance with the unconscious. Together, held by the extraordinary sounds of Kalimba and through the Activ Imagination technique, guided by a powerful plant of power, we will embark on a journey to our inner worlds, to the kingdom of memories and visions.



We will begin our journey with the practice of journaling to connect with the memory of our personal birth experience and our lineage. After returning to the waking world, there will be room for creative integration, grounding work with the breath to the sounds of the drum. We will end the journey with a circle and weaving dreams for the future...


The sleep will last about 6 hours. Please dress comfortably and bring a pen and paper or notebook and a scarf or mask to cover your eyes.


(Participation is limited to 12 people). Everyone who wants to join us will receive a small compulsory research task. You will need to research your own birth experiences and ancestral lines, guided by the questionnaire we will send to you after booking your trip. After such an experience, visions often come to us in our dreams to further integrate our process. We invite all newborns to join us the next morning for dream sharing to enclose our process in a shared space.




Daniel. A musician from Poland, deeply connected with percussion instruments and rhythm. He graduated religious studies, after which his spiritual and musical development began to merge into one path. He traveled to the East many times, gaining theoretical and practical knowledge on how to record emotions in instrumental music and improvise on them. His fascination moved to practice listening skills. and actively discovering music as a language of communication and consciously connecting with people and their emotions. For over 10 years, Daniel has been gathering experience; in men's circles, ceremonies, traveling, and consciously sharing their gifts. Fascinated by the potential of psychedelics as a therapeutic tool, consciously using psychedelic states in his creative explorations, Daniel found his calling - the alchemical process of transforming emotions into sound.


Molly. An artist, psychologist, dreamer, and underwater dancer living in the Sinai Mountains,

the Red Sea. She graduated in fine arts from the University of Brighton in England, where she studied natural processes occurring in nature as a mirror of the human condition. By creating process-based artistic rituals and performances, he explores possibilities and techniques for releasing emotions and memories. After spending three years in India researching practices. After completing her MA in Jungian Depth Psychology, Molly's therapeutic work focused on rituals and the Active Imagination technique aided by psychedelics and rebirthing experiences. Molly combines her passions (working with dreams, myths, writing, somatic experiences, and breathing) to create opportunities to explore the depths of the human being.

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