10 July 2020

Michał E-Shu Szerląg.


Primary singing techniques from all over the world are waiting to be discovered. During the classes you will learn overtone singing, white singing, guttural singing, Inuit singing and more. Working with the breath, finding deep relaxation and mimicking naturethey will help us to release our voice even more.


The workshop includes: 

• relaxation (building the authority of the body) 

• warming up exercises 

• white singing (natural)

• overtone singing

 • throat singing (kargyraa, khoomei) 

• Inuit singing (Eskimo)

 • fry-singing

 • chanting





Michał E-Shu Szerląg.  Finds primal singing techniques scattered around the world and passes them on,drawing on countless traditions, incl. Tuva, Mongolia, Tibet or the Inuit. Two-time speaker at the Mix Singing International Seminars (Contemporary Bel Canto).For 10 years he has been running workshops in Poland and abroad.He has performed with bands like: Angela Gaber Trio, Matragona, Wadada.He lent his voice on Steve Kindler's latest album. He has recorded 9 albums using only his voice, including for the One Mouth Orchestra and The Cathedral project.He works with actors, professional singers, and people who are starting a vocal journey and they want to experience a whole new quality of life through singing.


During the festival it will be possible to take individual sessions.







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