24 July 2020

Małgosia Prager, Mirek Rutkowski.


Everyone needs a touch, i.e. simple and pleasant massage techniques for everyone. During the period of forced isolation and quarantine, we experienced a longing for meeting people, longing for other people, and also for closeness and touch. This gave rise to the idea of resuming the massage meetings that we once had, long ago. 


We invite you to a pleasant, relaxing meeting full of good touch:

-you will recognize the auto massage

-elements of shiatsu massage

- head and face massage 


We will experience the benefits of touch in various forms and have fun. Dress in a loose and comfortable outfit, grab a sleeping mat and arrive.





Małgosia Prager. Biologist, sound massage therapist according to the method of Peter Hess

Mirek Rutkowski. Masseur, occupational therapist.


Passionate about bioanza, massage and breathing techniques. Massage teats have been reporting for over 20 years (MA-URI massage, Tibetan bowls sound massage, SHIATSU, pulsating).

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