03 August 2020

A wandering storyteller Aishi Ma.


People have always flocked to listen to fairy tales. They sat by the fire listening to the words they were moved to other worlds. The art of storytelling comes alive again in our society, the fairy tale brings the knowledge, ancient wisdom and depth that we are thirsty for today. These truths have always been passed down through the generations so that people would remember who they are and how to live in harmony on this wonderful land.


"My fairy tales and songs are a nod to the Great Mystery that we are, to the Teacher, Sat Guru, who exists in the Heart of all that is ... in every heart ... and is our truest essence."





Magda Polkowska. Author of the project Fairy Tales of the people of Earth - story teller... She comes from Gdańsk, she studied anthropology and ecology in New Jersey and California. She has been involved in storytelling "from long and not long ago". She draws inspiration from an old woman who lives in the silence of herself, and the people with whom she stayed (on the reserves of the Lakota tribe in South Dakota, Mexico, Kazakhstan, and the steppes of South Siberia. In 2009, she hosted the Sunday radio play on Polish Radio New York, 910 AM, "Fairy Tales of the People of  Earth". As part of the project, she also founded the Sacred Theater Collective, a theater that staged fairy tales for adults as well as for children. It is a mosaic of voice, dance, silence, singing, the sound of traditional instruments, and the sounds of nature.



Fairy tales of the people of Earth
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