26 April 2018

A storyteller from beneath the Castle (Bajarz spod Zamku).


"To be fully present in the action of what brings joy," said the awareness.

"Doing this until the end of your days, sounds like a plan," said the mind.

"So let's make a tripartite non-aggression pact between consciousness, mind, and me," the body replied.




A storyteller from beneath the Castle (Bajarz spod Zamku). He is sitting under the Castle observing the world. He sings about various technologies supporting development on the spiritual path. It covers topics such as:

- Plants of Power

- Kundalini Yoga

- Conscious Eating

- Kambo ceremonies

He recognizes that a pinch of humor is what protects us from the trap of a new identity, identifying too much with spiritual development and treating it too seriously. After all, our life here is a perfectly designed Fascinating Tale.







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