23 July 2023

Marlen Martha Maria: piano, vocals, calabash.

Luis Paniagua: ancient Greek lyre, vocals, Talking Drum.


A journey of trust in co-creation with other musicians. Through music, we will follow our true nature and share an intuitive and creative presence. We will experience a sense of unity. By engaging and listening to the inner impulses and music of the Universe we will connect with the source and let the instruments and voices take us into gentle waves, vibrations, sounds and rhythms. What will be created depends on the moment itself and everyone involved.





Marlen Martha Maria.  For Marlen Martha Maria, music is a way for the soul to express herself and experience herself physically. She treats music as a great tool to experience creative energy in a sensual way. Music is an immersion in the present. She shares this presence with others and inspires them to joyfully experience the present time as our true divinity in human incarnation.




Luis Paniagua. Luis Paniagua was born in Madrid in 1957. He received both Western and Eastern musical education - he studied in North India, with master T.N. Nagar. From 1980 he devoted himself exclusively to composing his own music using many instruments worldwide. Ultimately, he chose the lyre and singing as his tools for expressing love, truth, beauty, and purity. As a composer, he has recorded 22 albums. He was the winner of The World Music Torchbearer Award (2012). His album "Nanas de Sol" won the Worldwide Award for Best Album 2002. He played numerous concerts in Europe, America, and Asia. In Spain, Luis is considered one of the pioneers of New Music, World Music, and Spiritual Music without words. His music was and is a great inspiration to many musicians for using silence as an essential part of the concert. In 2022, he celebrates his Golden Anniversary, 50 years on stage.



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