06 July 2017

Aram, Anna.


During this meeting, we want to connect with you in singing and music, to touch the Heart and Soul. To move what is deeply hidden inside us. To let in light and relief. To wrap us in a mantle of love.


At the concert, we will present our original songs, but there will also be accents of great traditions from the Amazon, which are an inspiration for us and with which we feel a deep connection. The songs we perform are to connect us all and create a field of Light and Power.





Aram i Anna. "We are Aram and Anna. We are a couple who celebrate life in Love and Inner Harmony, who share a love for music and the desire to share our inner light with the world. We organize Cocoa Ceremonies, Song Medicine Circles and meditation concerts together. We are in the process of recording the first one. album called "The Great Heavenly Journey" with original compositions to guide us inside and remind us of the inner truth. We want our work to be for those who find it with the Medicine of the Heart and Soul. "

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