16 July 2020

Michał Zelenibore.


Heyoka - Natural Musicality, i.e. workshops on the border of theater, music and mindfulness.Heyoka is a type of sacred clown in the culture of the Lakota people of the Great Plains of North America. Heyoka is a counter-martial artist, prankster and satirist who speaks, moves and reacts in a way opposite to the people around him.


Heyoka has a reverse nature. This manifests itself in doing things the opposite or unconventional - rides the horse backwards, wears clothes turned inside out or speaks from behind.


Heyoka acts as both a mirror and a teacher, using extreme behavior to mirror others and forcing them to explore their own doubts, fears, hatreds, and weaknesses. It provokes laughter in despairing situations and creates chaos when people feel complacent and overly safe to keep them from taking themselves too seriously.


Natural Musicality - When I allow myself to freely follow the inner melody and rhythm, enthusiasm and creativity, while being an observer of the whole situation, a space of the unknown opens up, from which sounds and harmonies vibrate with the joy of being and pure presence.


During the workshop, we will create a spectacle that is unique in the scale of the universe and that it will direct itself by aligning our hearts and opening them to improvisation and spontaneity, flow, change and the fast-paced current of life.


I Invite You. Let something unexpected happen !!!





Michał Zelenibore. Artysta Serca, muzyk, współzałożyciel i twórca autorskich kompozycji zespołu "Annutara", multiinstrumentalista najbardziej oddany gitarze klasycznej, kompozytor, aktor teatrów niezależnych, podróżnik. Owocami jego twórczości są płyty nagrane z zespołem "Annutara", "Laboratorium Pieśni", muzyka filmowa i teatralna oraz autorska płyta "Joy Of Life" wydana w sierpniu 2019.







heyoka - NATURAL MUSICality
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