20 June 2022

Kike Luna.


On August 11, 2022, at 10 pm after the concert.


Grandpa Peyotle (Hikuri) is a sacred and precious medicine from the Wirikuta desert in Mexico that has been used in a spiritual way for thousands of years. It has a profound effect on healing our hearts and bringing joy and strength into our lives. The ceremony, learned from the Huichol elders, makes the perfect space for a common tribal experience of healing and letting go of whatever doesn't serve. We gather together in search of joy, happiness, healing, and love. This is a great opportunity to receive answers to our questions.


Grandpa opens our hearts so that we can manifest a new way of life. It connects us with all creation, with ancestors, spirits, directions, and elements: Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth. We are meeting to receive guidance in times of planetary transformation to weave together a new time of beauty and harmony for all beings.


It will be a Ceremony in the structure of traditional Indian ceremonies, by the fire, lasting all night, with 4 tobacco, water drum and rattle, midnight water prayer, morning water, songs, and holy food in the morning.


The "SSRI" antidepressants do not have a good relationship with medicine. Individuals on medications MUST inform us about the kind of medications they are on and their dosages.


The ceremony can be attended by both people who are part of the Green Circles Festival and people who will come only for this one night.


The price of the ceremony is PLN 900 (190 €). In order to reserve a place, it is necessary to make an advance payment of PLN 400 to the account specified in the Price List. Detailed information about the ceremony in the e-mail and telephone contact: +48660664754. Mariola Floreska.





Kike Luna. Comes from Mexico. He has been on the path of medicine for 30 years, learning ceremonial rituals from Elder Native Americans as well as traditional South American curanderos. He is a Sun Dancer and has been running Sweat Lodges and Ceremonies for over 12 years. During the Ceremony, he sings and plays many instruments, maintaining high vibrations of space. Cares for the well-being and proper work of the participants.

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