12 July 2019

Mao Montano


Peyote ceremonies from Tarahumara indian tradition is a pilgrimage to the heart, a personal reflection, a physical and emotional healing journey, This powerful medicina takes you to a garden of magic and great mystery! Peyote brings you into a permanent state of consciousness and awareness. This ancestral ceremony provides an opportunity to fully immerse yourself in your being and to connect with pachamama. Peyotito "the grand son" is a journey where the veil is thin and you have the opportunity to experience a reunification with your ancestors and ascendant masters, is a melting journey with the universe! The participants should have a diet with fruits for at least one day before the ceremony. During the ceremonies and after the ceremonies, I am all the time available to talk and to answer questions."





Mao Montano. Shaman & Healer from the etnia Nahuatl Pipiles of Panchimalco Central America. Grandson of Tata Rosendo, a Meraya Cacique (Shaman-Healer), Student of Taita Lucho, one of the last indigenous healers from the Inga tribe in the Amazonian region of Putumayo, South America. Mao was initiated as a curandero in 2000 with Taita Lucho in his Maloka called “Amerrrikua” in Putumayo. In 2011 Mao was instructed and authorized by his grandfather to bring sacred plants Cacao & Cactus San Pedro to different cultures around the world. Since the time Mao is being traveling in more than 25 countries, sharing love and knowledge of cacao and Cactus San Pedro.

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