19 May 2022

We present the musical band ÎANÄWA from Mexico, which will be the first to appear on the stage of Green Circles (on August 6th, 8 PM).


This concert is a musical project that combines songs of medicine and prayers from all over the world in a colorful journey through the sounds. This music invites us to celebrate life and reflects the wisdom of our ancestors.


ÎANÄWA will also lead the Cacao Ceremony (August 7th from 15.00 to 18.00). It will be a prayer for water medicine, during which, as a group, we will sow the intention of enjoying life and the present with songs and practices.


In Temazcal - Sweat Lodge (August 8 - 15th to 18th) we will awaken our inner warrior and join the powers of Mother Earth to be able to share these qualities with our family and friends.


We heartily invite you to participate in the Green Circles, but also to take part in the concert as a separate event. See you later!!!


Links to ÎANÄWA music:











ÎANÄWA band from mexico
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