28 June 2022

Vanesa Alexandra Salazar Silvestre.


During the Workshops with Vanesa, we touch on therapeutic and developmental work with the body through movement and music - both on the physical and emotional levels. The issues of techniques for releasing emotions, harmonizing the body and thoughts, and working with breathing and rhythm will be discussed. All this is filled with joy and smiles, as befits Colombia.


 The techniques of various styles, explored over the years, as well as the ability to teach them, intertwine here with the path of Medicine: transformation, finding your own identity, and relationship with Mother Earth.





Vanesa Alexandra Salazar Silvestre. Born and raised in the Colombian Andes (Tolima, Ibague), a professional dancer on the way of Yage Medicine, Vanesa, in her practice started as a child, learned and learned many dance styles related to her territory, but not only. She participated in international Salsa competitions, danced the Samba at carnivals and in dance groups, and over time she also learned Contemporary Dance, Traditional and Root Rhythms, and other forms of working with the body such as Yoga. Yage's Sacred Medicine embraced all these paths so far and inspired them with the inspiration of Mother Earth. This is how the idea of ​​workshops combining Dance and Medicine emerged.


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