28 June 2022

Wojciech Mucha.


For millennia, the knowledge of Taoist masters was reserved for the chosen ones - mainly the Emperor of China and his closest entourage, who through these practices were able to achieve extraordinary achievements in the aspect of controlling their own bodies and their energy.


One of the more closely guarded secrets was the knowledge of inner alchemy. Its adeptness within his body was able to transform dense into subtle and negative into positive, thus gaining control of our mental and emotional states.


During the workshops you will learn:

- Ignite and strengthen the internal alchemical fire and use it to transform your lead (heavy, negative energies, emotions) into gold (positive, highly vibrating energy and emotions).

- Release and purify frozen emotions in the body.

- Preserve, consume and accumulate life energy.

- Transform the life energy into its more subtle forms up to the level of spiritual energy.





Wojciech Mucha. He entered the path of Tao over 10 years ago looking for a way to heal his body. Seeing the positive effects of practice on himself and his relatives, he decided to share this knowledge as an instructor of the Universal Healing Tao system. Apprentice of Master Tao Mantaka Chi and Master of Tantra Luczis. Practice Vipassana, Plant Medicine, and Raw Detox.


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