24 May 2018

Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski


It is your life! Inner Freedom Workshop is an attempt to abandon the fear that something might go wrong, that something may end in failure. This is a work on the careful choice of your own path, rather than the way of mother, father or neighbor. Make your consciousness decisions. This time we will work on movement.


If you want to meet with your inner demons, during „Green Circles Festival" either you would like to go to some trip... You have to consciously stand on the ground!


Focused on the here and now. That clear workshops are aimed at awakening the bodies and move from comfort zone to zone of consciousness. And all of that in an atmosphere of deep joy.





Krzysztof Dziwny Gojtowski. Social innovator, drama pedagogical practices. Coach of creativity - Odyssey of the Mind, dancer in Tri-City Dance Corporation, graduate and associate with Centre for Theatre Practices "Gardzienice", actor in ritualistic theater Stella Polaris - Norway. Linked to the Sangha Zen Kwan Um - Korean Buddhism. Pleasant, smiling man.


inner freedom workshop
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