29 June 2020

Dear Friends,


this summer, from the 5th to the 14th of August 2022, VIII edition of the Shamanic Consciousness Growth Festival "Green Circles" will take place.


The music of the jungle, mountains, streams, sun, and wind will flow. Dance and movement will awaken our bodies, and the vibrations of sound will make us sing and be happy.


We are waiting here for you, among fields, meadows, and forests, for those who have long been part of this Family, but also for new beings full of unexpected qualities.


Come, all of you with the determination and strength to create Worlds full of Harmony, Peace and Beauty.

We will be supported in this by members of the Huni Kuin tribe from Brazil, representatives of the Inga tribes from Colombia, and great friends from Poland sharing their knowledge and vast experience in working with the body, voice, and instruments.


Evening concerts will be filled with music from great artists: Ianawa from Mexico, Paz Shanti from Ibiza, Coral Rojo from Chile, Pedro Colarez and Mariana from Portugal, Alinka Jurczyszyn and Michał Zelnibore from Poland, Giovanny Laguado from Colombia, Juan Pablo and Familia Evajuanoy from Colombia, Vibraciones de Amor from Colombia, Aram and Ania from Poland, Krzysztof Mucha and Grzegorz Sykała from Poland. Paulina Violina and Katherina from Spain and others.


Ticket sales and prices are HERE.


As usual, it is possible to purchase tickets for 3, 6, or 9 days.


See you later!


Mariola Floreska

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