09 August 2017

Rima Sadurska.


Performance and meditation for children and parents. By listening to the sounds and words, children and adults are taken to the world of their imaginations. Experiences in a meditative state develop self-awareness, and control over your thoughts, emotions, and body.


Participation will also be a pleasure for all adults who may be with their children. The creative visualization scenario is dedicated to children, and its main goal is to strengthen self-esteem and sense of community.


We will hear the magic sounds of singing bowls, air bells - zephyrs, ethnic rattles, drums. I use meditation techniques and creative visualization, so participation, even once, allows you to learn permanently what you can then use for yourself for the rest of your life. 


The sound performance that I create is my original initiative, in which I combine sound therapy, meditation techniques, and theatrical art. Its source is peace meditation and my intention to add peace and bliss to the common global pool of human feelings.



Duration: 1 hour.


Attention! - the event is intended to be experienced lying down. Participants are asked to prepare blankets and mats for themselves.





Rima Bird Sister (Rima Sadurska).  Bionergotherapist, performer artist, life coach, educator. Currently a student of the Academy of Theater Practices in Gardzienice, participant of the Sopot Dance Theater project "Open Body" and the Chorea Theater "Laboratorium Kreatywnego Action"."For years I have been practicing therapy and coaching, individual and group work with people. I graduated from Natural Therapies at the Ecological Education College in Wrocław, obtaining the profession of bioenergy therapist. I am also a graduate of the A. Mickiewicz University in Poznań at the Faculty of Geosciences. Peter Hess Academy Poland; "Voice laboratory" by Olga Szwajgier and "Know your voice"; Seminar for therapists on art therapy forms and breathing techniques "The art of awakened life. Your inner power ”prov. Colin Sisson; courses in working with the mind and imagination Silva Mind Control, Reiki courses at the Academy of Natural Therapies, Kino Mana I and II courses according to Susan Pa'iniu Floyd (Aloha international), that is Hawaiian massage, singing, dance, and healing philosophy. "



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