24 May 2018

Wojciech Wieconkowski


Shamanic drum journey derived from shamanic traditions present in almost every corner of the earth, in the "Western" cultural context is a practice serving internal levels of cognition of oneself. Thanks to the rhythmic sounds of drum consciousness "relaxes" and in favorable conditions, goes on a journey. The sound is mount, and the direction is determined by the intention and the broad context the point where a person is located in its journey through the mystery of life. The drum is a tool that helps you hear your own heart and thus the rhythm of the universe.


Trance drumming, can serve not only the inner journey, the emergence of the vision and acquiring information, but also as a practice of concentration and calming the thoughts and on the physical level as a "bath" or massage with vibrations emanating from the drum.


  • Introduction – sources and technical suggestions

  • Opening ceremony

  • Relaxation with Tibetan bowls and other instruments

  • Journeying with a drum

  • Integration


Please bring a mat and a blanket or other covering, the cloth to cover the eyes and comfortable clothing.

At the mental level best preparation is a clear intention with which we go into the depths of the human psyche. It is a good subject for meditation and I highly recommend taking the time to prepare intentions.

Another equally important issue is to prepare the body... It is worth eating lighter and simpler meals (avoid heavy fried foods, may abstain from eating meat) and if possible limit the intake of drugs (especially cigarettes and alcohol). The last meal to eat no later than four hours before drumming.





Wojciech Wieconkowski. "I have embarked on my journey of researching and experiencing various spiritual traditions 17 years ago. My passion and curiosity for archaic shamanic practices, may intuition and guidance that my life had offered, opened the doors fort o work with teacher-plants. For 10 years now I have been learning and working on the Medicine Path, unfolding this wisdom by the side of my teachers. In may daily life Working in my artistic workshop - Metaphoric Tools where I build shamanic drums, love flutes Celtic harps and other instruments and ceremonial objects. I am an Ethnologist, translator, musician, therapist, life and great mystery. Living Here and now in all its beauty..."


Journey with shamanic drum
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