16 July 2020

Michał Zelenibore.


During this concert, I would like to invite you to celebrate life together in its infinite manifestations and unlimited potential to support an open, courageous and joyful life.

One of the wonders of existence is the possibility of experiencing music that can open our hearts and make it easier to look beyond ourselves and our conditions. It is the universal language of creation, requiring no translation or rational explanation, carrying a meaning that can be understood by every being.

Music that stops our racing of thoughts and, ignoring mental structures, refers directly to our feelings, creates a space for being with ourselves in a fuller way, stops us and confronts us with the area of ​​pure beauty and mystery, with the moment when we can allow ourselves not to know what the next one is. a step when I completely "don't knowooooo" and accept it, feeling soothing, relieved, and calm. Everything is complete and perfect now.





Michał Zelenibore. Artist of the Heart, musician, co-founder, and creator of the original compositions of the band "Annutara", multi-instrumentalist most devoted to the classical guitar, composer, actor of independent theaters, and traveler. The fruits of his work are albums recorded with the band "Annutara", "Laboratorium Pieśni", film and theater music, and his original album "Joy Of Life" released in August 2019.





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