16 May 2019

Txai Fernando.



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Txai Fernando. Txai Fernando is a Brazilian multi instrumentalist & producer of enchanted world music with a vast musical influence. He is weaving his traditional folk music of the Violeiros with tribal world beat via classical music to the sacred indigenous chants. Txai Fernando has been touring in Europe for over 10 years with many amazing world music projects, including the master of kalimba Chandra Lacombe and traditional Indios & medicine people of the amazon. He has 20 years experience with various lineages working with Ayahuasca, with Santo Daime and Hunikuin being the biggest pillars in his spiritual journey. With his calm and powerful approach he gives a safe and enchanted space to work intimately with our inner healing journeys.You can listen to his music on: www.soundcloud.com/txai-fernando

jungle medicine ceremony
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