02 July 2021

Marek Apollo Miedziewski.


Kambo is a highly toxic secretion from the green frog of the phyllomedusa family of the Amazon forest.


Several years of research by the University of Paris have shown that Kambo is very effective at killing cancer cells. Kambo is one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatory, antibiotic, antimicrobial and anesthetic substances found in the world and one of the most powerful natural ways to boost your immune system.

It also cleanses the liver and intestines, so it's a powerful cleanser. The immediate effects include improved mood, concentration, clarity, sharpness, and increased stress resistance. In the long term, Kambo strengthens the immune system by stimulating the body's defenses to function naturally so that existing health problems go away or disappear and relapse is less likely. In spiritual terms, Kambo acts mystically like a light that opens the way, helping us to overcome obstacles and release blockages on emotional levels. It clears our energy field and adjusts our chakras, allowing us to break negative habits and think more naturally.

Kambo is used to treat malaria, snake bites, fever, infection, fertility problems, and cleansing, to strengthen the body and increase energy levels. Besides the jungle, Kambo is used to treat chronic fatigue syndrome, chronic pain, cancer, HIV, Parkinson's disease, Alzheimer's disease, depression, vascular problems, hepatitis, diabetes, rheumatism, arthritis, addiction, and many other diseases. Kambo has become the subject of much research. It contains dozens of peptides (short chains of amino acids). Some of them, bioactive, have the ability to bind to human cell receptors and trigger specific chemical reactions in the body.

Recent research has shown that Kambo contains a variety of antimicrobial peptides effective against drug-resistant strains of bacteria, fungi, protozoa and parasites, and viruses, providing opportunities for the development of new and more effective nanotechnology-based therapies for the treatment of infectious diseases. Despite the billions spent on research and development of synthetic drugs from the Phyllomedus secretions of these frogs, no one has yet managed to recreate the original! Kambo in its original, natural form is a holistic treatment for the mind, body, and spirit. On all levels, in a way that we don't fully understand yet. That is why we call this aspect magical.


It's intense but fast. The unpleasant effects are immediate and strong. They stop within 30-40 minutes. The dried Kambo is mixed with a little water or saliva and divided into small grains. Then small points called gates are placed on the surface of the skin. The thin top layer of the epidermis is removed with an incandescent stick. Kambo enters the lymphatic system directly, so the effect is very fast. Most people experience warmth, and heat in the face and upper body as the heart rate increases. At this point, different people will react in different ways. Some will experience dizziness, and fainting, others have swelling of the lips or face and a slight tingling of the skin. Kambo travels around the body, scanning it for problems, and then goes straight to work on those areas. There may be pulsing or burning in these areas for a short time. Kambo is not psychoactive, so it does not make you hallucinate, but can produce brief altered states of reality. Then it removes all the toxins outside (vomiting). This cleansing process works on a physical and emotional level. You may feel tired. In a short time - usually after an hour you will feel much better, then you can drink and eat normally. After a good night's sleep, you will begin to feel the real benefits. After Kambo, a disinfectant is applied to the points, the juice of a Peruvian tree.



You should not eat solid food (light liquids are fine) for 8-12 hours before the procedure.



The price is 300 PLN (65 €). On-site booking.


Marek Apollo Miedziewski. Experienced yogi, traveler, and spiritual teacher. For 20 years, he has been organizing cyclical spiritual trips to India, Thailand, Japan, Brazil, Peru, and the USA. In 1998, together with his wife Mariola Floreska, they established the Center for Spiritual and Creative Lifestyles, promoting multidirectional personal development. He is currently teaching Kundalini Yoga. In 2015, in Peru, he received an initiation to share the Kambo frog ritual. He is also an IAKP Licensed Practitioner in the field of KAMBO Medicine. Marek is a person who feels a lot. He performs his treatments from the level of heart, love and acceptance.

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