04 June 2022

Coral Rojo.


Sublime music, melancholic, full of harmony sounds that sink deep into the heart and at the same time lift us high. Male polyphonic singing is devoted to the spirit, in which the melodies, colors and languages ​​of the Native and Creole world are intertwined, mixed with the distant influences of Eastern European choral singing. Real, high-quality art.


This is an event that will make us dizzy.





Coral Rojo. A world-famous, five-person vocal group from Chile that performs an original repertoire inspired by ancient, traditional American musical forms and explores the knowledge of ancestors for whom singing is primarily a spiritual function.


Julián Herreros, Silvio Rozzi, Julián Semler, Fernando Herreros, Felipe Echavarría.



Links to Coral Rojo's music:


Vuela golondrina >>

Congrapaniconicue | Buena Gente >>

Solo Dios Sabe Si Vuelvo & Cerrito Nevado >>

Sólo Dios sabe si vuelvo >>

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