27 June 2022

Paulina Violina and Katarina Bailova.


This concert is a medicine song project created by two wonderful women of power.


Each of us is different. Special. Flowery in its colors and shades of the soul. Each of us carries a different melody in our hearts that echoes with magic and connection. Different voices, roots, experiences, and life paths. However, the vibration of the flower connected our life paths on the path of musical adventure - transformation. Love for Mother Earth, her medicine, and the strength of the heart that everyone carries within ...





Paulina Violina.  "I am a yogi, musician, violinist, traveler, and mother. I like to talk about myself as a woman with passion and dreams. Sharing my experience gathered from many distant journeys around the world and these multidimensional journeys around the Universe are for me the key to healing and inspiration to follow the path of transformation every day. I have met many wonderful teachers on my path of development who sowed beautiful seeds in my heart. I also realized, after many years of looking inside myself, that "The Best Master" showing the way of destiny is my heart and the melodies that flow in it…"


Katarina Baliova. Healer and guide. Companion of Healing Plant Medicines working with ancestral sound, medicine & folk music, movement, breathing, art, yoga & spirit through elements. Sharing in circles & ceremonies, preserving the culture of our ancestors. 

 Las FLORES del UNIVERSO - concert
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